I hope yu are doing good. Welcome to our first blog. With a lot of happiness I want to invte you to begin this amazing journey with us. As you can see it has born a new concept for catlover...CATLAND STORE! This involve mainly clothes, totes, purses until products
for your house.

Fashion history is a big journey of changes including people. Probably, you have been witness throughout the years that the type of clothes and fabrics that have been used. Now, some of them are gone or better yet improve. Fashion is like love. Like we say in my country
"there is nothing written about taste". In other words, what is beautiful or stylish to me maybe is not for you or viceversa. And that´s a good thing, of course!. In addition, fashion designers -and lately- bloggers have contribute so much to spread this world to every fashioner.

In our case, we want to spread the #CatFashion world to catlovers or for everybody that loves or likes cats. It is simply another style.

Here I show you some of our products. 

I hope you be part of our world and try our products! You can mix your own style: yoga, sporty or casual! We are looking forward for that!


CatLand Store

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